UMG 801

A key factor for the success of modern companies is transparency at all levels of data. Data from all divisions of the company must be collected and consolidated to optimize production process planning, implement safety measures to protect systems and machinery, and, for example, save costs. This goal presents several challenges, as various standards, interfaces, and communication options need to be coordinated. Network areas that were previously examined separately, from the machine level to ERP systems and building management systems, are very complex. OPC UA standardizes data transmission, simplifying this consolidation.

The Janitza UMG 801 energy measuring device offers various communication interfaces and allows direct data transfer to higher-level systems via OPC UA, eliminating the need for costly integration.

The modularly expandable UMG 801 is ideally suited for the complete acquisition of an energy management system (e.g., ISO 50001). You gain transparency regarding energy consumption and energy costs at all measurement levels. Additionally, it can detect critical deviations in power quality and residual currents (RCM) that burden or even threaten systems.

An investment for the future: measurement points can subsequently be expanded to up to 92 measurement channels thanks to easily integrated current measurement modules.